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Director | Director of Photography

The majority of of my work is made up of commercial pieces for broadcast and social.

As a Director and Director of Photography, my primary focus is combining authentic performances with images that complement the intended emotional tone and vibe.

As the managing partner at Seventy 7 Productions, our focus is more simple; make something no one else can make, for a value no one else can touch.


Whether it's impossibly rare lenses, vista vision sensors or the only Michigan based Motocrane; if it helps us make something unique - we have it. Combine these amazing resources with the best team and suddenly anything is possible.

I've had the privilege of working with all manner of talent including Denis Leary, Kendrick Lamar, Tony Stewart, Clay Matthews, Justin Verlander, Magic Johnson, Lebron James, Big Sean (to name a few). 

brands include

DTE | GMC | Chevy | Ford | Mopar | Amazon 

HBO | Fathead | Detroit Public Schools 

Concordia University | OnStar | The Henry Ford | DFCU 

Sharper Image | Quicken Loans | Frankemuth

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